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Start-up expenses

Opening cost of Dookki

(Based on Korean won, exclude VAT)

Lists Contents 50PY
Initial Royalty Use of trademarks 2,500
Education Initial education fee 2,500
Interior 15,000
Sign 1,200
Inside Banner Acrylic panel, etc -
Kitchenware Induction, pot, etc 1,200
Kitchen Equipment Refrigerator, dishwasher, etc 6,000
Furniture Table, chair, etc 3,500
POS POS System 1,200
Total 33,100
Deposit 1,200
Separate Works Installation of electricity, air conditioning, etc
Running Royalty 3.5% of sales, minimum 1,200USD/RM5000

※ Cost may vary by exchange rates
※ Above opening cost may differ by the types of restaurant and the circumstances.