Dookki Korean Toppokki Buffet


We are Kim Gwan-hun and Park Do-keun,
Dookki Topokki is the brand that shows the evolution of topokki which everyone loves. Dookki Topokki also have the right understanding of topokki that is representative in Korea.
Dreaming to become topokki master, I have searched and tasted every famous topokki in Korea for more than ten years.
I have recorded the taste and real essence of topokki after tasting it thousands of times. I even traveled oversea to taste topokki whenever and wherever I can.
The biggest thing I felt and learned from searching the taste of topokki was that the topokki was not made from a special recipe.
The taste comes from my childhood memory which I enjoyed eating topokki with my friends.
Dookki Topokki will give you delicious and enjoyable topokki and will always try to give you more pleasant memory.

INTRODUCTION What is topokki?

Topokki is Korean Traditional Food.
It was considered as a street food in the past.
However, Topokki is currently served in restaurant with high-quality service

INTRODUCTION Target Customer
10s-30s Women Students Family

Our main customers are 10s~30s women and students.
Family unit customer’ s visitation rate also increased recently.
We have a large customer base from the influence of Korean wave and premium dining trend.

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